General Chemistry Basics

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About Course

Getting ready for Organic 1 by reviewing the key topics needed from the General Chemistry sequence.

What Will You Learn?

  • Review the basics from General Chemistry that are essential for getting started in the Organic Chemistry sequence.

Course Content

The basic ideas from General Chemistry that are essential for success in the Organic 1 course. Topics are summarized in a 15 minute video and then broken down in the sections that follow. You will be quizzed on each section once you have completed the reading and/or watched the linked videos.

Periodic Table Layout
How the Periodic Table is organized into rows and groups.

A review of electronegativity values and trends and why knowing some numbers will help when it comes to solving problems. The file below (also attached) summarizes the basics and details which electronegativity values are worth learning for Organic 1.

The Octet Rule
How the Periodic Table helps us work out how many electrons an atom needs to attain the electron configuration of the nearest noble gas.

Bonding Basics
How we use the Periodic Table to work out what types of bonds will form between elements.

Types of Bonds
How the Periodic Table helps us predict what type(s) of bonds elements will make in molecules.

Reactivity Basics
A review, from General Chemistry, of what factors contribute to atoms or molecules being stable or reactive.

Hybridization Models
How atoms mix their valence orbitals to give hybrids.

Molecular Geometry
Review how molecular bonding orbitals and lone pairs distribute themselves around atoms to adopt particular geometries. Refresh your knowledge of VSEPR theory and how it explains molecular shape.

Lone Pairs & Charges
How do lone pairs contribute to the overall charge on an atom? Survey the basics for the elements around carbon and what structures will be expected in the Organic sequence. 

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